Sourcing fabrics
We work with a large network of mills across Europe and are able to source a number of different fabrics and materials from some residential materials to an array of contact materials including leathers, sheers, wools, vinyl wallpapers and blackouts. We can also source a wide range of velvets from Treviras to silk and mohairs.

Compliance and Finishes
We work with trusted partners to ensure that our textiles and leathers are treated to comply with relevant fire codes and regulations. We can also supply a range of other treatments for specific project requirements.

Order Management
We closely monitor the production process with our suppliers to ensure that the materials meet all requirements and are delivered to schedule meeting the clients and contractors time frames.

Bespoke Designs
Sometimes a standard item will not fulfil the brief from a client, in these cases we are able to produce completely bespoke designs. Working with textile designers and our network of suppliers and partners we can create something totally original and tailored to the project’s requirements.

If requested we can arrange treatments of our textiles and leathers including fire treatments and stain and soil treatments. We are also able to treat some fire retardant Treviras with a lightfast solution to enable them to be used for outdoor use.