Yarn Collective

Yarn Collective specialises in sourcing high quality fabrics and leathers for projects in the hospitality, commercial and high end residential sectors.

Through our extensive network of European and American mills and tanneries, we source and manufacture materials tailored to the design needs of our clients.

We work closely with designers, contractors and purchasers to bring their visions to reality meeting their specific project requirements. With an extensive knowledge of the industry, we are always ready to incorporate products into our collection which are at the forefront of design and innovation.

Our collection realises the aesthetics and the high quality expected by designers while meeting all relevant regulatory requirements.


Lance Wovens is a supplier of hand woven Italian leather to order for both residential and commercial projects. Based in Connecticut, Lance has a vast archive of weaves, bespoke capabilities and a team of creative designers who love translating great concepts into reality. All panels are woven to the exact size, avoiding wastage. There is no minimum order quantity for custom colours.


Yarn Collective is the exclusive UK agent for Lance Wovens.


Sorensen Leather is a global brand with some of the most high-end, sought-after leather in the world. They are the exclusive supplier for iconic designs such as Arne Jacobsen’s Egg™ chair and Swan™ chair, not to mention new contemporary icons in the making from designers around the world.

Their reputation is rooted in consistently providing only the best of the best. They are known by architects, designers, upholsterers and manufacturers for their high standards and unsurpassed ability to supply any project of any size. Drawing on four decades of experience, they can help take any idea from concept to completion.


Yarn Collective is the exclusive UK agent for Sorensen Leather.


Matthias De Vogel was born and raised in The Netherlands and studied fashion design at Utrecht School of Arts.

After acquiring a master’s degree at the I.F.M in Paris, he pursued a career in fashion working for several renowned brands including Et Vous, Comptoir des Cotonniers, as well as the designers Isabel Marant and J.C de Castelbajac. This career period established his connection to couture and design in Paris.

After 15 years in Paris, Matthias relocated to San Francisco, where he worked as Global Concept Designer for the iconic brand Levi Strauss.

This role took him around the world where he met many inspiring people, providing the opportunity to work with artisans and study their cultures, craft and approach to art.  His work is influenced by this research, specifically the meaning of colour and use of prints and patterns from these different regions.

Returning to Amsterdam, Matthias De Vogel created his textile lab and studio Fault Lines, founded in 2015. Here he experiments with traditional ideas of textile art and reinterprets them in a new way.

Matthias creates unique textile art based on three essential design principles: imitate, assimilate and innovate.


Yarn Collective is the exclusive UK agent for Fault Lines.


Jiun Ho is a mix of things. We’re dreamers, sketchers and space improvers—but most importantly, we believe in creating only the best. We believe in the power of design. We are a San Francisco Bay Area company that finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and uses this to design diverse interiors and products for a diverse world.

Our look is consistently at the forefront of style and quality. Our products lead the industry in luxury home furnishings. We design, produces and showcases custom made product including furniture, lighting, rugs and textiles.


Yarn Collective is the exclusive UK agent for Jiun Ho.